Friday 3 April 2020

Madness has made its appearance Kenzo World


Madness has made its appearance in the form of perfume, in the form of life. The most rebel fragrance of the year is here. Kenzo World breaks in our lists of most wanted products for 2020. Kenzo World is the new perfume of Kenzo.

Its incumbent directors, Carol Lim and Humberto León, recreate the vision of style and create this new perfume. It represents today’s style regarding its image, audacity and spontaneity. Surprising and colorful; a new image of spiritual freedom.

A daring, crazy and funny perfume full of spontaneity. A standard of freedom of expression that invites us all to be unique and special. This perfume represents the woman that truly believes in these ideas. A feminine and funny woman, crazy and bold at the same time. It’s a combination that joins elegance and refined manners.

The fragrance is composed of Red Frutis Top Notes; peony, floral and Egyptian jasmine Heart Notes; and at last, ambroxan Base Notes.

“Ambroxan provides to flowers the seductive quality that we need to forget their nature. It’s something like Leonardo Da Vinci’s blending in paintings, once the colors juxtapose. It has that disturbing power, acting like the fog when we can’t distinguish the outline of what surrounds us and we can only see shapes.”

Kenzo feels confident about the composition of this new fragrance. An avant-garde fragrance, bold enough to mix notes with completely different origins. Genres, styles and substances that break ground and free flowers from classicism.

Your day-to-day perfume that will make you feel confident with a strong and rude attitude. Adapted to any contradiction.

Kenzo has achieved to create a new fragrance creative and dynamic, able to mix contrasts and opposite poles.

Who has been in charge of all this? Francis Kurkdjian, the master of Kenzo World. This perfume belongs to the olfactory family of Floral Woody Musk, opening with fruity, vibrant and addictive Red Fruitis Head Notes; floral bouguet, extreme and magnetic flowers such as peony and Egyptian jasmine Heart Notes; and a brilliant ambrozan Base Note. All mixed, it is the definitive essence of femininity and seduction.

How is the bottle?

Designed by Patrick Li who presented his vision of the eye as the iconic image of Kenzo since the autumn of 2013. The cover was created inspired by the Kenzo Kalifornia bag.
At first sight, it surprises us to see an eye-bottled shaped perfume. This makes it attractive, curious and provocative. The eye is one of the most representative symbols of the brand. Its dark green oval shape, its black cover representing the eyebrows and its gold circled diffuser representing the eye pupil create all together a work of art.

Thursday 30 January 2020


miu miu perfumeMIU MIU is a perfume for women that belongs to the floral olfactory family for women. Launched in 2015, inspired by youth and contradiction, it has become one of the most representative perfumes of the brand's hipster spirit.

An endless mixture of feelings that will make you feel tender and mischievous, warm, sensitive and passionate, transporting you to a world of sensations that will be both shocking and unforgettable.

The Perfume

The first perfume creation of theMIU MIU brand has been created by the incredible perfumer Daniela Andrier.

MIU MIU the brand was conceived by the designer Miuccia Prada who decided to launch a new fashion line after her success in the women's clothing market, clothes for a younger audience inspired by the rebel girls with whom she studied at high school.

A more daring, minimalist and sophisticated design line, which differs from the rest of fashion designers who create collections for young audiences.
Like the whole line of clothes, the line of perfumes had to be different, with a combination of striking and outstanding scents.

The olfactory notes of this perfume are:
The top notes are lily of the valley, bergamot and lemon, followed by heart notes of jasmine, rose, green notes, black currants and peach, finally it ends with base notes of akigalawood and white musk.
These notes create a perfume that perfectly embodies the essence of MIU MIU, with a chic and youthful style, casual and elegant.

The perfume bottle

The perfume bottle has its own inimitable style inspired by the emblematic bags of the MIU MIU brand.
An iconic bottle with a light blue tone and a padded texture with an intense red cap: an unforgettable image.

The MIU MIU woman

This perfume is inspired by the kind of woman who decides for herself what to do with her life, without submitting to socially established pressures and following her own rhythm.

The vintage style that surrounds this well-known brand is the base of this perfume is inspired by the fragrances of the 20s, if you add to it the fantastic design of the bottle; you have a casual and perfect perfume for anyone and any time of the year.

Thursday 23 January 2020

Gucci Bloom - Gucci

gucci perufmeGucci Bloom is the brand's new perfume designed by Alessandro Michele, a perfume inspired by modernity and the current conception of all the brand's creations.

If you consider yourself a fan of fragrances like Narciso Rodríguez or Chlóe, the scent of Gucci Bloom will amaze you, if you want to know more info concerning this perfume don’t stop reading.

Gucci Bloom is a perfume inspired by spring and blooming gardens, it’s a fragrance where white flowers and light musky touches stand out, and as the hours go by, it leaves a very light, smooth and pleasant trail.

If you feel identified with this wonderful fragrance, Gucci Bloom can become your new favorite perfume.

The Perfume

Gucci Bloom is a light and floral fragrance that belongs to the floral olfactory family for women. The top notes of this fantastic perfume are orange and green notes; followed by heart notes of daffodils and jasmine that are not heavy or cloying; finally it ends with some base notes of lily root and a woody base that leaves behind a trail with a very clean smell, but not the typical clean smell as in sports fragrances: it’s a floral clean smell with a dusty base.

The bottle

The bottle of this perfume is quite simple, a square with straight lines that end with a round cap, simple and elegant. The color stands out, a pastel pink tone that evokes the color of flowers, which are the main ingredients of this perfume. Finally, the brand’s label in black and white.

The "Bloom" woman

This perfume is inspired by the purest essence of flowers and spring, perfect for vital and authentic women. Gucci Bloom is a perfume to extol the beauty of the person who wears it, a commitment to individual and different beauty, a perfume that invites you to be natural and to feel comfortable with yourself.

Thursday 26 December 2019

Rituals air fresheners

rituals air freshenerHome air fresheners have become an indispensable part of our lives. In any store you can find different types of home air fresheners and different formats to choose the one you like most, however, one of the public's favourite air freshener is the mikado reed diffuser.

There are numerous brands in the market that sell air fresheners, but without a doubt one of the best brands of reed diffuser is Rituals.

Rituals has managed to create different fragrances from the rest of mikado reed diffusers that we can find in the market. Its fragrances inspired by the oriental relaxation rituals create an atmosphere of relaxation and a warm feeling at home.

Fragrance Sticks

The fragrance sticks of Rituals intend, as the brand itself affirms, to “Transform your house into a sanctuary with a soul” with this definition, Rituals wants to share with all its customers the true essence of these air fresheners, which will make your home have its own personality, but without neglecting a sophisticated and chic scent.

Rituals is also characterized, among other things, by the characteristic name they put to their products, although they go changing over time, they are always inspired by Asian relaxation rituals:
  • The Ritual of Light. Inspired by the purest essence of Christmas, the combination of the scents of cinnamon along with sweet orange make this fragrance stick a perfect air freshener for the coldest months of the year.

  • The Ritual os Hamman. Perfume your home with the refreshing properties of eucalyptus and rosemary. Eucalyptus oil is used in Turkish baths to relieve respiratory problems.

  •  The Ritual of Yalda. Using Persian wisdom, Ritual has created its own version of the Ritual of Yalda. This air freshener made with pomegranate and watermelon is able to help you find light and warmth creating an atmosphere of well-being. For Persian culture, Granada is a symbol of the beauty of life.

  • Vanilla Orchid Recharge your home with a warm atmosphere of positive energy. A sweet and woody fragrance thanks to myrrh and vanilla. This scent is one of the most used in the Arab culture as an air freshener since it helps to relax your senses.

Other air fresheners

Although the main air fresheners of Rituals are the fragrance sticks, they also have other types of air fresheners such as air freshener sprays and scented candles.

By combining the candles with the reed diffusers, you will enhance those special fragrances by creating a climate of well-being in your home.

Thursday 12 December 2019

The one - Dolce Gabbana

perfume for men
Today we want to discover a bit of Italy with its magnificent streets and its citizens. This perfume is born in the heart of the country for the most traditional, most intense and familiar version of man, with an elegant and paternal soul. Deep, with a strong character ... Welcome to "The One for Men"
The perfume is pure seduction that comes out naturally, in the same way that it keeps a touch of elegance, sobriety and self-confidence. A man who leaves his personal mark in the most cheerful and charming possible way.

What can say about this fragrance?

Its aroma is a bit complicated to describe, the best way is to put a few drops of this perfume on your skin and let yourself go. However, once we apply The One, fresh and spicy notes begin to settle the personality of the perfume since the beginning. Other ingredients such as basil or coriander mix together to give a clean and vibrant touch.

These spicy notes are also part of an oriental spirit that will soften with the orange blossom. Here comes to light almost unexpectedly, and without planning, the captivating and attractive man, intelligent, with a creamy circle of sensations that will keep on increasing.

So, speaking in general terms, we have an exclusive perfume with very good ratings from all users who have had the opportunity to try it. Considered a fragrance with a lot of class, style and stability. Those who have tried the original version and the Eau de Parfum value much more the latter. Who knows why. Maybe it's because of its essence, its components, the feeling that it leaves around you. Who knows.

The One for Men is directed, mainly, to an adult man, serious but cheerful, refined, kind, persevering, with an exquisite taste for perfumes. We can highlight that it awakes a very different feeling in both men and women. In spite of not having a great projection, it is very warm and awakes curiosity
Its duration is not very long, but almost nobody criticizes this point, because even if the fragrance almost disappears after 4 hours, depending on the type of skin, the remaining aroma is still pleasant and noticeable in small distances.

We recommend the use of The One For Men in spring, winter and fall. As the warmer months arrive, we will stop preferring this scent due to its intensity and warmth, or perhaps we may use it at night use, if we want to use it in summer. And yes, it has fresh and light touches that make it light and very cozy, but we recommend making a moderate use of it when the weather is hot.

Find the fragrance replica of this perfume on this page:

Thursday 5 December 2019

Dolce - Dolce&Gabbana

women perfume
We have spent days and days looking for a perfume to show you that had some simple qualities with a surprising result. We were looking for a perfume with a fresh touch, but also with a lot of power. A floral and sweet aroma at the same time. And, of course, a fragrance that any woman, of any age and from any place, could pleasantly wear. That's how we came across Dolce &Gabbana's "Dolce".
It is a sweet perfume that combines floral and white notes, with the freshness of neroli and white Amarylis, for example.

It as a perfume that we need to wear before leaving home in the morning, the one we need to complete our look. Its launch was one of the great promises of the Italian firm. With the clearest spirit of the brand, with the ability to make us feel beautiful through simplicity.

"Dolce" not only intends to be a trend, but to be a declaration of principles. Claiming, we repeat, simplicity, the joy of a precious moment, of living, the first time everything happens.

Let’s speak about its fragrance

"Dolce" by Dolce &Gabbana, is a fragrance that belongs to the floral olfactory family. Its olfactory notes: head notes of papaya and neroli; heart notes of water lily, narcissus and amaryllis; and base notes of cashmere and musk.
With the aforementioned about its smell, we intuit that, in the end, we are speaking of a very elegant perfume that keeps its traditional side. It is a lively and light cocktail that can remind us, sometimes, of the sea.

It doesn’t have any defined age range, as we said at the beginning of this post. Therefore, any woman can use it due to its versatility. This perfume adapts to any woman and age, without exceptions.
If, coincidentally, you are one of those persons who has spent time searching a floral scent, not too strong, with a musky background: a perfume that is a bit of everything but without overdoing it, I think we have just found your perfect perfume.

It’s a safe and very useful option for any moment: for work, for a walk, for a family reunion or a romantic dinner.

What about the bottle?

The perfume bottle is a work of art that makes us think: "what a cute thing, right?" Surely, you are thinking it right at this moment: looking at that bohemian bottle, natural and free of artifice. Tradition and modernity come together to give it the smallest and finest details.
Soft, wavy, with a floral shape stopper, a tribute to authenticity, followed by a bow that makes us remember the 80s and the brand’s first fashion parades.

Find the fragrance replica of this perfume on this page:

Monday 2 December 2019

Original gifts for this Christmas

replica perfumes
The Christmas spirit is here, the joy of meeting again your loved ones. Christmas is full of unforgettable moments: you have the opportunity of making great gifts for your whole family. At Vismaressence, they create perfumes and air fresheners and they offer you an alternative option for this Christmas, creating your own gift.

Perfume gifts

During Christmas, the joy and excitement of reuniting with your family and loved ones are simply wonderful, for this reason we put all the effort into choosing an original gift for all the people we love.

Nowadays, creating your own gift is the most original way to show the affection we feel for our loved ones, that's why we want to offer you the possibility of giving perfume or home fresheners that you can personalize yourself.

On this website you can find a wide variety of replica perfumes for men and women to choose from. Furthermore, if you are searching a fragrance with one single ingredient standing out, you will find single-ingredient scents such as vanilla or coconut, which smell fantastic.

Steps to make your gift

A self made gift has that special touch that makes it different from other gifts, so here we show you, step by step, how to place your order in Vismaressence and make your gift.

1. Enter the website and choose your perfume (in this link you will find the equivalences of the perfumes) or home air freshener.

2. Once you have chosen your perfume, add it to the cart, you can buy the amount you want, take into consideration how many bottles you want to fill and buy the liters you need.

3. Choose the bottle. You have a section of bottles at your disposal, a wide variety of bottles for perfumes with different designs, you can choose several since they can be bought by units. In addition: the spray is included in the price of the bottle, you just have to write in “comments” the color you like most to personalize your gift.

4. Once you have everything you need in the cart, fill in your details if you haven't done it before and make your purchase. In 2-3 days you will have all the products to make your personalized gifts.

Once you have received your order, open it and fill your perfume bottles or air fresheners, if you wish on YouTube you can find a video where we explain how to fill them, but it is very simple.

Once filled, close the bottle again with the safety cap to avoid leaking if you have bought a reed diffuser, or close with the spray if you have bought perfume.

Finally, decorate them as you like! Add an element that will make your gift even more special, for example a sticker or a red bow to make it visually beautiful.

Enjoy it! It is a great gift, 100% recommended for these dates.

Everybody likes it and it is good value for money.