Sunday 31 March 2019

Vismaressence. A bulk perfume factory with a lot of style and quality

Good Morning! The month of January is coming to its end, but here in the south the temperatures is great, something that we really appreciate.
As you know, there are many kinds of perfumes; of all types, sizes, fresh or more intense. There are so many that we can’t afford to buy 20 perfumes at a time. It would be very expensive to choose the one that we like the most for each month.

Download the perfumes list with all the reference

Download the collection Vismar Factory

The perfumeries that we find in the streets offer us a great variety of opportunities from the hand of big firms such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, etc. Could you buy, for example, a perfume of each one in a month? Maybe yes, but it would be quite a lot of money, considering that their prices are quite high. That is why many people look for alternatives to smell good, economically and with the same quality or almost the same as these firms.
It turns out that the economic crisis made us realize that we needed cheaper alternatives, products that may have the same quality as others, but cheaper € 1 or € 20. And in the end, it’s all about marketing, that’s what the big brands really do. So the solution that many found was to create products that focus not so much on marketing, but on quality and on offering a very good product for an even better price.
For me, especially, I love perfumes. So I wanted to find that alternative that would allow me to spray during the week with a casual aroma and, on special occasions, to use something different.

And where could we find quality perfumes at a good price?

I want to introduce you to Vismaressence. It is a factory of perfume in bulk located in the Region of Murcia, which creates hundreds of perfumes, air fresheners, body splash, white-label cosmetics and a quality that surprised me greatly. They focus on wholesale, but individuals can also make our purchases. Maybe a store in your city, neighborhood or town that has a perfumery and cosmetic establishment in bulk has its products.
I wanted to give them the opportunity at the time I found them, because I think that every store deserves at least 1 opportunity, to show what they sell. Who knows, maybe it's better than you expect. Selling is not easy and we have to be open minded to try different things.
Vismaressence has a very special portfolio of perfumes, wide, but in which they have chosen very well, in my opinion. I have tried a series of them that seem like a marvel to me, such as 050, 1010, 1020, etc.
If you go to their website, you will see that all perfumes have a technical description in which we can see what their perfumes are made, for whom they are recommended more (young people, adults ...) or what they will make you feel.
Researching, I could find some similarities that could be of reference when choosing a perfume from the web.

I leave here a link by which you will arrive at a list, made by myself, where you can see to what perfume each of the numerations could be similar. I add that it is not an official list, it is made by me, in order to have a more defined vision of their product. As I said, their perfumes are differentiated by numbers, and perhaps we do not know how to choose an aroma first, or we are a little afraid of not knowing how they smell because we have no reference on which to base ourselves.
Therefore, if you want to know my opinions about their perfume list, you can click here. And if you think there is a perfume on this list that reminds you of another, you can tell me!

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